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How we work: At Affinity Financial Planning we build effective long-term relationships with our clients that over time ensure no aspect of their financial wellbeing is ever neglected.

We’re efficient, friendly and very experienced. And we always make sure you get the right deal for you from the whole of the market.

Getting excellent financial advice from trusted and completely independent advisors will, over time, lead to you making better, informed decisions on every aspect of your personal finances, whether it be pensions, mortgages, insurance or investments. 

1. Our initial meeting with you.
We will sit down with you face to face either at our office or more often at your home. We’ll listen to what you want to achieve and show you what’s possible.

2. Information gathering.
We assemble all of the information we need to start identifying the best products for you, informing you of any documents that are required to process your application.

3. Research.
We use cutting edge financial tools to find the best range of products to suit your circumstances. These tools are only as good as the information that’s fed into them though, and that’s where our experience and knowledge of the financial industry can really help identify the perfect products to fit with your individual requirements.

4. Presentation.
We’ll take you through the results of our research and make recommendations based on it.

5. Implementation.
All processing and administration work is carried out by us on your behalf.

6. Ongoing reviews.
We can sit down with you after a set period of time to see if there has been any changes in your financial circumstances that would mean you are no longer using the very best financial products.

Our relationship with you.
At Affinity we don’t just recommend the best financial products available to you – today. Because of the service and advice that we provide, most of our clients are not only happy to maintain a continued relationship with us for many years, but are more than happy to recommend us to family, friends and colleagues. 

Our service is personal and is tailored to your specific requirements and our advice and recommendations reflect this.

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People We’ve Helped

The home visit was quick and easy. I’m really happy how everything turned out too and got a much better deal when I remortgaged than I got offered by my mortgage lender.”


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What Affinity will do for you

We’re completely independent and totally unbiased. You will ALWAYS get the best possible deal.

You get first class FACE to FACE advice. We build really effective long lasting relationships

We’re really easy to deal with and have helped 1000’s of people all over Scotland get a better deal.

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