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Make sure that you and your family enjoy the peace of mind that comes
from knowing that you are financially protected should the worst happen
to you or your family.
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Life Insurance Advice Glasgow and Lanarkshire

Life Insurance – make sure you’re properly protected.

Affinity Financial Planning offer tailor-made Life Insurance solutions that offer outstanding cover at really competitive rates.

We understand that the most important thing in our lives is family, and money could never replace the loss of a loved one.

Real peace of mind
Financial security can however, give us real peace of mind in knowing that should anything happen to us, our family will be financially provided for.

Insurance exists to protect you as an individual, and whereas some types of insurance are indispensable – others, if not set up correctly, can become financial traps.

It’s important to weigh up carefully on a case-to-case basis exactly which services meet your real needs for protection.

Life Insurance cover tailored to your exact requirements
At Affinity, we analyse each of your individual insurance requirements and develop a more appropriate and effective solution, thus enabling you to face the future with the confidence of a loss not turning into a financial disaster.

From our offices in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Affinity covers the whole of Central Scotland with the market’s best Life Insurance products. We’ll visit you and show you exactly how we can tailor the best cover to suit you and your budget. An added benefit is that a review will normally take less than an hour, and it is free and without obligation.

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Tom, Just to say a huge thank you for all your help with everything. Much Appreciated.” 


Thanks Adie! Yet again I’ve received great service from yourselves. Everything was taken care of in a very short time, the insurance I took out is a lot more comprehensive than I currently had and the price was almost exactly the same. Absolutely brilliant, thanks”. 


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