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Having sufficient income in retirement should be a major financial priority
as it's obvious that one day you will return and when you do, how will you
support yourself financially?
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Pension advice in Lanarkshire and Glasgow

Affinity Financial Planning have the expertise to ensure that you get the very best Pension advice.

Based in Airdrie, we cover the whole of Central Scotland. We’ll sit down with you either in your home, at our office or your place of business and will explain the many options on offer from the whole of the UK Pension Market.

Things to consider whether starting a new Personal Pension or Switching an Existing Pension
Choosing a personal pension scheme as the main means of retirement planning, is an important decision and many things need to be considered:
• How much will I have to pay in to my pension each month?
• What will I receive in retirement for this money?
• What Pension Company is right for me and why?
• Where and How is my money invested?
• How good are the Providers service levels
• How is their track record on performance?
• What are the charges and how are they applied?

If any of the above have caused you concern contact Affinity Financial Planning now! The amount you will receive in Retirement will depend on the final value of your pension fund and this will depend mainly on how much has been paid in, how much has been deducted in charges and how well the fund’s investments have performed.

A personal pension may not be the best choice if:
• Your employer offers a company pension scheme.
• You have been ‘Automatically Enrolled’ into a workplace pension arrangement. 

For full information on Auto-Enrolment, please contact us.

Things to consider when Retiring
Reaching the date you decide to retire can be more daunting with as many decisions and options as when you first took out your pension. Here are some of the things that need to be considered:
• Should I take the tax free cash or increase my income?
• Do I need to buy an Annuity?
• Do I qualify for an Enhanced Annuity due to poorer health?
• If I don’t take an income, is my money protected for my family?
• How do I arrange a spouses/partners income?
• Can I get guarantee’s? Do they all last the same time?
• What is Flexi Access Drawdown, what are the charges and how is the pension invested?

Confusing? Then let Affinity Financial Planning help.

Affinity Financial Planning have their offices in Airdrie, Lanarkshire & Bridge of Earn, Perthshire and travel all over Central Scotland to visit clients at their homes. We offer completely independent face to face pension advice.

People We’ve Helped

I was really impressed by the service delivered by Affinity Financial Planning. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a clue what organising a pension entailed and Tom took me through the process, explaining everything simply and finding me the best deal to ensure I’d get the most for my money. It was really straightforward, uncomplicated and I’m really pleased with the package I’ve signed up for.”


Affinity Financial really helped make everything easy to understand for me. I got a fantastic service too.”


I found the help and advice I was given by Tom to be excellent and can really appreciate the advantage of him being able to deal with lots of companies for me. Great advice and a great range of options too. Thanks so much for your help.”


I really didn’t understand all of the different options so just used the Pension company suggested by my work. I now realise that this was a big mistake and am much happier with the package that you sorted for me. First class service and really easy to deal with too.”


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