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Secured Low Interest Loans in Glasgow and Lanarkshire

Are you looking for a Secured Loan at a great interest rate? Affinity can find the loan that’s right for you from the whole of the market

We’ll search the whole of the market for a secured loan that suits your individual circumstances with the lowest possible interest rate. 

Most people assume that the only difference between a Personal Loan and a Secured Loan is that the secured loan is – as the name suggests – secured against your home.

While this is of course true – this is not the only difference. Some other benefits of a Secured Loan are that you can normally borrow larger amounts over a longer term and sometimes at a lower interest rate.

Secured Loans are usually available from £5,000 to £2.5m and you can choose to repay over 3 to 25 years. This means you can decide on a repayment period that suits you and your budget. The amount of loan will depend on your circumstances including such things as income, expenditure and the amount of equity in your home.

A Secured Loan can be used for almost any legal reason such as home improvements, car purchase or maybe just to pay off other financial outgoings including paying off your credit cards, store cards, overdrafts etc, leaving you with just one monthly payment, which can make it much easier to manage.

Some reasons that you would choose a Secured Loan over Remortgaging with extra borrowing could be that:
• You are on a good, low mortgage rate and don’t want to change.
• You may be ‘tied in’ to your mortgage which may carry exit penalties.
• You may be self employed and/or recently have changed jobs.
• You may have an Interest Only mortgage and need to raise additional finance.
• You may have been declined on your credit score, affordability or lending into retirement.
• Adverse credit / mortgage arrears, defaults, CCJ’s.

We offer a completely free no-obligation home visit where we can discuss your options in the most relaxed possible environment. From our office in Airdrie we cover the whole of the Lanarkshire  and Glasgow areas. Please Contact Us for more information.

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